All adults associated with Junior clubs, and Officials, are required to have SAFESPORT certification! More information here
Did you know?
  • The IREVA Board of Directors is comprised of elected and appointed directors.
  • Elections take place each year, with elected board members serving 3 or 4 year terms.
  • Each member of IREVA is allowed to vote directly or via proxy.
  • There are over one dozen additional appointed positions that coordinate everything from officials to tournaments to insurance and more.
  • The IREVA Board of Directors is always looking for more member involvement.
  • IREVA is incorporated, and registered with the IRS as a not-for-profit organization. Donations ARE accepted!
  • Clubs and teams within IREVA are independently organized, based upon commonality of player goals, geographic convenience, etc. IREVA can provide lists of team contacts for prospective players and coaches.
  • Clubs and teams within IREVA plan and run all tournaments except the end-of-season Regional Championships. There is no set schedule such as with a league format. IREVA coordinates the schedule.
  • Only USAV members can participate in USAV events, including tryouts, practices and scrimmages.
  • The annual membership season begins 9/1. IREVA welcomes renewals and new members throughout the year.
  • Members of USAV / IREVA are not precluded from participating in volleyball events put on by other organizations, and vice-versa. However, there is no membership reciprocity; USAV insurance only covers USAV members at USAV events, etc.
  • The IREVA website contains most of information and resources necessary for membership, starting a new club, etc. There is also a lot of useful information on the USAV website. Any IREVA officer (see CONTACT INFO or CONTACT US pages) may be contacted to assist in answering questions and providing guidance.