All adults associated with Junior clubs, and Officials, are required to have SAFESPORT certification in 2016/17. More information here
Great Nor'Easter I3/11 - 3/12/2017Albany AreaAges 14u, 15u, 18u
Great Nor'Easter II3/18 - 3/19/2017Albany AreaAges 12u, 16u, 17u
IREVA Boys Regionals 14U, 17U & 18UApril 1, 2017Columbia HSJunior Regionals
IREVA Boys Regionals 15U & 16UApril 2, 2017Columbia HSJunior Regionals
IREVA Girls Regionals 12U & 13UApril 2, 2017OwegoJunior Regionals
IREVA Girls Regionals 14UMarch 25-26, 2017CobleskillJunior Regionals
IREVA Girls Regionals 15U & 16UMarch 25-26, 2017WatertownJunior Regionals
IREVA Girls Regionals 17U & 18UApril 1-2, 2017WatertownJunior Regionals
IREVA Men's Regionals4/29/2017East Coast Athletics, Goshen, NYAdult Regionals
IREVA Women's Regionals4/30/2017East Coast Athletics, Goshen, NYAdult Regionals
USAV Adults Championships5/25 - 5/31/2017Minneapolis, MN
USAV Boys Championships6/30 - 7/8/2017Columbus, OH
USAV Girls 18s Championships4/21 - 4/23/2017Dallas, TX
USAV Girls Other Championships6/25 - 7/4/2017Minneapolis, MN