All adults associated with Junior clubs, and Officials, are required to have SAFESPORT certification! More information here
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COACHES INFO 2017-2018

All participants in any IREVA-sanctioned events or activities, including but not limited to tryouts, camps, clinics, practices, scrimmages and tournaments must be registered members of USAV. This includes players, coaches, assistant coaches and others. See the IREVA membership policy for additional details.

All adults registering with a Juniors club must have a USAV background check and accept the Junior Club Personnel Code of Ethics [JCPCOE] as part of the membership registration process. USAV background checks are paid for by IREVA as part of the membership fee with no additional cost to member or club; good for two membership years; independent of any other background checks, even if redundant - there are no provisions for reciprocity because each organization defines its own policies, procedures, criteria for pass / fail, etc. See the Registration page for more information.

In addition, all adults registering with a Juniors club must obtain USAV/USOC SafeSport certification. SafeSport training is NO LONGER INCORPORATED in IMPACT as of 2017/18.

Head coaches [defined as on the bench with a team] and all assistant coaches are required to have IMPACT certification. See the Education page for more information on coaches’ education opportunities.

Coaches should refer to the Club Directors/Team Rep sub-section for additional information concerning those responsibilities and activities related to club/team administration such as player registration, practice sanctions and entering tournaments.
IREVA goals for coaches - Juniors and adults
  1. Ensure highest standards of ethical conduct by coaches
  2. Support and assist USAV goals for coach development
  3. Assist vb coaches in IREVA in development of knowledge and skills
  4. Assist IREVA clubs and teams with recruitment and training of coaches.
  5. Collaboration with non-IREVA vb organizations and their members with similar goals

IREVA policies
  1. head coach [defined as on the bench per USAV rule] must be an adult; Junior assistant coaches are allowed
  2. head coach [defined as on the bench per USAV rule] is responsible for supervision of Juniors both on and off-court at all events unless an adult chaperone is present and specifically in charge
  3. coaches and assistant coaches are strongly encouraged but are not required to be qualified as referees and scorekeepers